Damaged or missing teeth affect more than just your confidence, they can also cause prolonged discomfort and even lead to health problems if left untreated. So the sooner you receive professional care from our dental centre, the better you will feel and the sooner you can start showing your smile again.

Illawarra Dental Centre offers a full range of advanced restorative procedures such as dental crowns that improve the health and aesthetics of your teeth.

Dental crowns are specially fabricated from high strength ceramic materials such as porcelain or zirconia. The crown is then fixed over the affected tooth, restoring its function and natural aesthetics. Once in place it looks nearly indistinguishable from the surrounding teeth.

When Are Dental Crowns Needed?

Dental crowns are typically needed to:

  • Protect a weak tooth (such as from decay)
  • Restore a broken tooth or a tooth that has been worn down by excessive grinding
  • Prevent a tooth from fracturing after receiving a root canal treatment
  • Cover misshapen or severely discoloured teeth
  • Support a tooth with a large filling
  • Hold a dental bridge in place

Whether you actually need a dental crown largely depends on your situation, so we first conduct an extensive evaluation. This involves taking several x-rays to assess how badly damaged the affected tooth is and if any other procedures need to be done first.

Preparing a tooth for a crown can be done by 1 of 2 ways.

The old-fashion way, crowns are fabricated in two visits. The tooth is prepared, impression are taken, and then a temporary crown is fitted until the second visit. The impressions are sent to a laboratory for the fabrication of the final crown which is cemented in place during  the second visit. In this traditional method,  patients must endure two dental visits, subjected to local anaesthesia (needles) twice and face the risk of temporary crowns falling out while waiting days for the final crowns.

In our practice, crowns are fabricated using the newest digital technology . We scan the prepared tooth, design, and complete the crown in two to three hours using our CEREC system. This advanced CAD-CAM technology eliminate all disadvantages of the traditional method mentioned above and makes the process much more comfortable, accurate  and convenient for our patients.

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Illawarra Dental Centre has been providing professional cosmetic dental care for the last 20 years. We work with some of the best dental technicians in Perth to ensure that all crowns are made to a high standard of quality. Our commitment has always been and continues to be on providing quality dental care.