The centre of each tooth contains nerves and blood vessels, which extend into the jaw bone via root canals. These pathways are how your teeth receive its blood and nerve supply. Unfortunately, root canals are at risk of developing inflammation or infection due to trauma or dental decay, causing severe discomfort and pain.

Root canal treatments (endodontic treatment) are required in these cases and can often save the tooth. The extent of what exactly needs to be done varies for each individual. As with any type of dental work, schedule an evaluation with a dentist for a full assessment.

Illawarra offers a full range of dental procedures including root canal treatments. On your first visit, we conduct a thorough evaluation and discuss your options for further treatment.

What are Root Canal Treatments?

If a tooth has a history of trauma or dental decay, it is at risk of developing inflammation which can result in tooth sensitivity or even infection. Without immediate treatment it can worsen over time.

Root canal treatments involve creating an access cavity directly into the affected tooth and into the roots. Fine instruments are then used to carefully remove the inflamed or infected pulp. Once the tooth is cleaned out and disinfected, the tooth is sealed with a filling material. A crown may also be used to restore the tooth for protection.

You might feel apprehensive about root canal treatments, but these procedures are generally less expensive and traumatic than having a tooth extracted which requires an implant or bridge. If you are experiencing any pain, the first step is to schedule an appointment right away.

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